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ION Gets Real: New Rock Band Set Announced

The most complex Rock Band drum set around is getting a redesign with an all-new pedal.

One device I don't need is another Rock Band drum set. Over the riptide of releases, I've managed to collect two of the bulky instruments. And while I'd love to toss one (or preferably both), I have a partner who gives me the stink eye followed by a hint of a sneer whenever I broach the subject. Even after our move, as we stare at our crap all over the floors of our snazzy new haunt, she insists that they're essential closet clutter.

I expect more than a few of you may have the same problem, or at least, have more plastic instruments than you need. But that's not going to stop me from telling you that there's more on the way. Case in point: ION, the brains behind the biggest and most complex Rock Band drum set, is set to create an even more complex and heavier set for every Rock Band and beyond, including even Rock Band 3.

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Announced rather recently (via Joystiq), the Drum Rocker Pro Official Premium Drum Set is a premium drum set with a list of features that aren't as impressive as its long-ass name. In short, the Drum Rock Pro premium will ship with all the other crap (seen here) included with the not-premium Drum Rocker and includes a new all-metal "pro pedal" with a "dual-chain drive, adjustable beater and rubber trigger," which somehow allows for greater customizable "feel" and better physical response, and seven "super-quiet" pads that sit on top of a "configurable metal drum rack." Like the previous ION set, this kit is ready to play in Rock Band 3's new Pro Mode, which treats the cymbals as unique triggers.

Writing that previous paragraph doesn't automatically make an able drummer, but mark my words: if Harmonix includes Orgy's version of "Blue Monday" instead of New Order's (info: here) I will buy this thing and proudly shove it into my closet with the rest of my drum kits. I would also heavily consider a purchase if Harmonix drops in Depeche Mode's latest as well. 

The Drum Rocker Pro ships this holiday to coincide with the release of Rock Band 3. 
Image via Joystiq