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It's a 20% Off Black Friday Sale! And There's New Merch Up For Grabs!

Get 20% off everything in the store, for a limited time only!

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Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, or Indigenous People’s Day, there’s one thing that we can all appreciate about late November: the feeling of togetherness that we share with our friends and family as we gird our loins and prepare to storm the local megamall with our truncheons and shillelaghs, ready to bust in the skulls of anyone foolish enough to get between us and that fancy 4K TV that’s 10% off its regularly marked price that somehow jumped up 10% the day before the sale started.

Today, you can celebrate that feeling with Giant Bomb as well. Starting today, all merchandise in our store is 20% off our already comparable, comparable prices. These prices will last until midnight on Monday the 27th, so get your orders in this weekend if you want to saaaaaave! (Some items that were already on clearance will not be discounted further, alas!)

Member’s Tee 2017

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The hunger is real. The bomb thirsts, eternally, and satiates that thirst with an endless supply of pixelated nuggets. Somehow, though, it never gains nor loses mass. What does it mean? The bomb knows not: it knows only that it will not - cannot - ever stop.

Help support the bomb on his endless journey through the wasteland with the 2017 Giant Bomb Member’s Shirt. Available in men's and women's sizes. (This shirt will most likely ship late next week!)

Balloon Luchadeer Shirt

Many of you said you liked the 500th Anniversary Bombcast shirt, but wanted a design of it that just featured the Luchadeer Balloon animal. Here it is (and in women's sizes too)! This new design features our favorite mascot rendered in labile latex, then transported to a plush cotton tee. What’s on your shirt will be difficult to explain to people unfamiliar with Giant Bomb, but the joy is in the telling! (This shirt will ship immediately, unless you have pre-order items in your cart!)

Winter Pint Glass

If there’s anything that we know about the holidays, it’s that we need to need to slug back quite a number of eggnogs in order to get through Grandpa’s soliloquies at the Christmas dinner table about what the real problems with the world are. We can’t solve his problems with HAARP and the lizard people from the Earth’s core that are infiltrating governments worldwide, but we can numb ourselves to the point where his ranting becomes more amusing than disturbing, at least.

This glass will surely help! Comes with a festive design on the side as well as a Giant Bomb logo on the bottom! (This item will ship late next week or early in December!)

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Fidget Spinners

Just in time for 2018, this elegantly-crafted plastic thingy that’s attached to a ball bearing will surely earn its rightful place alongside your Pogs and Tamagotchis. Spin it! Throw it like a shuriken!* Eat it!** We’re sure you’ll find as many uses for it we have. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the emergency room.

*Don’t do this.
**ESPECIALLY don’t do this.

(This item will ship late next week or early in December!)

Interlocking Logo: New Options

We also have a number of items available for pre-order with the GB Interlocking Logo on them, including t-shirt available in both Men's and Women's sizes, a long-sleeve shirt, a crew neck sweatshirt, and a hooded sweatshirt. These are, I believe, the first long-sleeve shirt and crew-neck sweatshirt that we've offered! You can find pictures of each of these items at the links above. All of these are pre-order items, mind, and will not be shipped out until sometime in mid-December, but should arrive to you by Christmas!

If you have any questions about the new gear or anything else, please leave a comment here but please tag me into it and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can! You can also email me at support at and I'll try to get back to you over the weekend!