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Leaked Ads Show Xbox 360 Revision, New Natal Name

They were right about one thing.

In just a few hours Microsoft will be putting on a show that will serve as the official Project Natal reveal event for the masses. It's expected, at some point between the clown car and tight-rope acts, that the hardware manufacturer will bust out the official name of the motion-control device (see update) and announce the slimmer, sexier Xbox 360 we've been hearing about for a bit. But it looks like we won't have to wait, as a few ads on a website may have just spoiled the surprise.  

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The fine folks over at the NeoGAF (via Game Informer) recently spotted a flash ad, as well as a banner, for a supposedly smaller Xbox 360. The flash ad in particular is the more important, as it details what this new-Alienware-tower-looking piece of hardware has in its techno-tummy: a 250 GB HDD, integrated Wi-Fi functionality, and compatibility with Kinect--the new name for Project Natal, as we discovered tonight.

== TEASER == Here's a YouTube video of the flash ad: 
If I may get real for a moment: there's no way to confirm if that the Xbox 360 "slim" leak is fact or fiction at the moment. Microsoft, understandably, doesn't comment on rumor or speculation. But if this event is legit, we'll know soon enough.
Microsoft has formally announced Project Natal's new name: Kinect. Read about it here
UPDATE 2: User Berkie is sharing this cool set of high-resolution images from the ad.