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LittleBigPlanet 2 Release Date And Exclusive Offers Detailed

If you want costumes, you'll want to preorder.

Need a good holiday gift for a creative PS3 owner? SCEA and Media Molecule would like you to consider LittleBigPlanet 2. The game has recently been revealed as a yuletide-friendly release, set to hit store shelves on November 16, 2010. The duo has also revealed a host of pre-order exclusives and even a collector's edition bundle if you're in the mood to buy early.
Let's talk bonuses first. Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop have been pegged as storefronts that'll host exclusive offers, all of which boil down to a variety of cuddly costumes. The items are as follows:  


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You'll get two Ratchet & Clank costumes and four "Even More Animals" costumes. SCEA isn't being specific about the latter costumes and Amazon isn't either, so be prepared to be surprised come November.

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Best Buy

The big-ticket item is access to a three-eyed alien costume inspired by the "Toy Story" franchise. You'll also get a Cobra, Vulture, Mandrill and Crocodile costume from the "Even More Animals" line.

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Like "TRON: Legacy" and eager for a taste of TRON: The Videogame: Evolution: The Videogame? You'll probably dig GameStop's exclusive then, which is a trendy costume taken from the movie in addition to a Cobra, Vulture, Mandrill and Crocodile costume from the "Even More Animals" line.       
== TEASER ==For once, a publisher isn't crushing our hearts by tossing exclusive DLC all over the place. If you'd rather get all the above items instead of just one, you can preorder the $80 limited edition version of the game, which also comes with the below:

  • A copy of LBP2 
  • A seven-inch Sackboy plushie
  • A set of LB2-decorated bookends.
  • A Jak and a Daxter costume
  • A Gonzo costume
  • Five PSN LB2-themed avatars

Here's an image of the all goodness:  

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LBP2 hopes to correct a bunch of user complaints from the first game--and while the jumping mechanics deserve some tweaks and discussion, Media Molecule has mostly focused on showing off the game's creation mechanics, which in a couple of words, can be described as "off the chain." If you've got the time, you'll be able to create your own RTS, design an R-Type-like shooter, program customized NPCs, and even adjust camera angles in created cutscenes. Wild, right?