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Logitech Needs $250 to Make You Holler

The maker of mice is getting into the apparently booming business of high-end rhythm game peripherals.

He gave me this guitar!
He gave me this guitar!
Once the exclusive domain of faux-raux DIY enthusiasts, super-realistic peripherals for those darn rhythm games--you know, the ones that retailers are running out of room for--are apparently in high-enough demand that honest peripheral manufacturers are getting in on the action. Today Logitech announced its matter-of-factly named Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition, a product that honestly requires only a little more explanation than what's provided by the title.

For the $250 asking price, you'll get a v-axe with authentic materials such as “a wood neck, a rosewood fingerboard and metal frets,” as well as Logitech's rubber dome technology, which promises to make those fret buttons a little less clacky. Being an officially licensed Guitar Hero World Tour peripheral, the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller Premiere Edition will also feature a touch-sensitive pad on the neck and a dedicated Star Power button, two features mirrored by the controller that will be included with World Tour.

While the press release doesn't mention any specific platform compatibility, the official Logitech website lists both a “Wireless USB receiver for PLAYSTATION®3” and a “Wireless controller port receiver for PlayStation®2” as part of the package contents. Sounds like Wii and Xbox 360 owners may be left out in the cold on this one. Additionally, Rock Band functionality goes unmentioned, though it would seem damn foolish to manufacture and market a pricey piece of kit like this and not make it work with as much of the market as possible.

I realize that rhythm games are currently seeing an unprecedented level of popularity, having apparently overtaken sports games, but even if it worked with the PS2, Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360, as well as both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises, this seems like a pretty niche market. Are there enough people out there that are so unhappy with the controllers that came with their games that they're willing to plunk down $250 for a new one, particularly when the most apparent added value is extra fanciness?

Also, isn't all this premium, realistic gear for your pretend rock 'n roll video game tantamount to cosplaying by yourself?