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Lord British is in Space (And You're Not)

I assume he's there to test the effects of zero gravity on lengthy hair braids.

General British, seen here plotting his escape.
General British, seen here plotting his escape.
Richard Garriott of Ultima and, more recently, Tabula Rasa fame, was launched into space on Sunday morning via a Russian Soyuz TMA-13. According to a CNN story on the launch, Garriott paid $30 million to take the trip, a sum that was partially funded by sponsors. He'll be conducting experiments for some of those sponsors while on-board the international space station. Lord British will remain on the station for around 10 days before returning home to Earth.

In addition to developing games, Garriott also has an interest in a space tourism company called Space Adventures Ltd., which has organized flights for a handful of other supremely rich dudes.

I have no real joke here--I just think it's awesome that the guy who made Ultima, a man I met once or twice, is totally in space right now. Meanwhile, I'm here in Tokyo, which is sort of like space, only with more cats.

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