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Massively Multiplayer Shooting Returns in the Finally Announced PlanetSide 2

The concept of an online MMO shooter still sounds pretty awesome.

You may not have played PlanetSide, but the idea of a massively multiplayer online shooter wherein various factions determine the world's fate continues to sound really god damn awesome. PlanetSide epitomized the cliche "ahead of its time," and Sony Online Entertainment has continued to tease the idea of PlanetSide 2 ever since.

Surprisingly enough, no one else has really beat them to the punch.

For a long time, SOE was referring to this project as PlanetSide Next, but that's been thrown out.

Details on PlanetSide 2 are quickly coming, with SOE revealing the three factions--Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, Vanu Sovereignty--and confirming both land and air battles for players.

Curiously, SOE was not willing to discuss the business model for PlanetSide 2, suggesting SOE may be trying something outside the traditional subscription service for this one. Free-to-play would make sense.

"We will have more information on this in the months ahead," reads the game's FAQ.

"We will have more information on this in the months ahead," reads the game's FAQ.

There's also no sense of when the game will be released, but a beta is promised, with anyone still playing (or at once did play) the original PlanetSide getting understandable priority.

Right now, PlanetSide 2 is only being referred to as a PC release, but SOE is not afraid of PlayStation 3 development, having released both Free Realms and DC Universe Online for the machine.

Though PlanetSide didn't light the world on fire, rumors suggest the game's premise may be similar to Bungie Studios' unannounced but rumored online MMO shooter (that's also possibly named Destiny).

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