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    Free Realms

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Apr 28, 2009

    Free Realms is a free-to-play MMOG designed to be played by players of all ages. The game is scheduled to shut down on March 31st, 2014.

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    Free Realms - What is it?
    Free Realms is a free to play, browser-based "Family MMOG".  Players have the option to pay for membership and/or purchase various items and enhancements by way of micro-transactions. The game is designed to be played in the browser, theoretically offering a low barrier to entry.
    The game is designed as a "family game" intended to be played by those of all ages. To increase accessibility, Free Realms is a peaceful world with limited player-versus-player combat. 

    Players begin by creating a character. They are given the choice to make a Human or a Pixie. Both races offer male and female genders. Further customisations include hairstyles, facial features and various others. 

    Upon entering the game the player will complete a basic tutorial, explaining the mechanics of movement, NPC interaction and completing quests. During the tutorial the player will also be given the choice of their first "Job": Brawler or Chef.

    Players are then free to roam the world as they please, exploring the 6 major towns and many minor areas. They can also learn new jobs, purchase clothing items, earn money in a variety of ways, play mini-games (which can be played against other players) and do various quests.
    Many of the activities players participate in will have a difficulty rating, and will often have bonus objectives for various rewards. Bonus objectives could be to cook a recipe within 15 seconds, finish cutting meat in 4 seconds, and getting perfect scores while baking. 

    There are many mini-games in Free Realms, such as soccer, kart racing and card games.

    Jobs are similar to classes in other games. Players can have as many jobs as they want at one time, but in order to equip job-specific equipment, the corresponding job must be "active". Jobs can be leveled to a maximum level of 20. As you gain levels, various gameplay options, equipment and other unlocks become available to you.

    The possible jobs are:

    General Jobs:
    • Adventurer (Obtained by completing the tutorial): the most basic of classes, meant for players whose primary goal is the explore the world and interact with players
    • Card Duelist: can play the proprietary Free Realms Trading Card game against NPCs and other players
    • Chef: can create and sell food-based products via a cooking mini-game
    • Miner: digs for metals and gems via a mining mini-game
    • Blacksmith (membership only): can use metal ore to craft various items
    • Postman: this class is used for many delivery quests
    • Pet Trainer: can tame and teach tricks to various types of animals
    • Soccer Star: can participate in Free Realm's Sacred Grove soccer league
    • Fisherman: uses fishing poles to catch fish as well as treasure

    Combat Jobs:
    • Ninja: attacks enemies utilizing stealth and exotic weaponry
    • Brawler: the basic fighting class, does not excel in one particular area
    • Archer (membership only): the ranged fighting class, uses bows to deal damage from afar
    • Wizard  (membership only): can damage enemies while inflicting negative status effects upon them
    • Warrior (membership only): the tanking class, wears heavy armor and wields large weapons
    • Medic (membership only): can use medicine to heal friends and shock paddles to attack enemies

    Racing jobs:
    • Kart-Race Driver: races in events geared towards speed
    • Demolition Derby Driver: races in events geared towards destruction

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