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Microsoft Ready for Full 360 Downloads?

Molyneux risks everything by saying nothing.

Is Microsoft or GameStop going to kill Peter death? Probably not, but if the man behind Fable II is implying that Microsoft is getting ready to distribute full Xbox 360 titles over Xbox Live, well, his blood is not on my hands...that's all I'm saying.

Warning: Always Kill to Death.
Warning: Always Kill to Death.
In an interview with, Molyneux stated that a digital release of Fable II "would be a great thing for this studio work on." Ok, sure, not so crazy. Fable III would also be a great thing for Lionhead Studios to work on. When further asked if any plans were in place to actually make Fable II available for download, Molyneux coyly responded:
I can't say anything else on it - I would be killed to death
Killed to death! That's worse than being killed to working on the Zune! This is definitely the stuff of speculation, but is it really that far-fetched? Microsoft already lets you download original Xbox games. You can also now install your 360 games entirely to your hard drive. It seems to me like Peter is a poor keeper of poor secrets.

So I leave it to you. Are you ready to pre-load Street Fighter IV and put an end to pre-orders and launch day shenanigans? Is the technology not there for this to work out happily for everyone? Give me shrink-wrap or give me killed to death?
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