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Most PSN Users Have Come Back, But Financial Consequences for Sony Leadership

Both Howard Stringer and Kaz Hirai took a pay cut, following Sony's third annual loss.

Did anyone really expect gamers would stay away from PSN for long?
Did anyone really expect gamers would stay away from PSN for long?

For the most part, the PlayStation Network hacking is behind us. There are still lingering issues with the service in Japan, but most of the world has moved on, looking forward to betas for Uncharted 3 and Journey.

In fact, Bloomberg reports that Sony CEO Howard Stringer announced to shareholders this week that 90% of users have jumped back online to PSN since its return.

There have been consequences for Stringer and PlayStation leader Kaz Hirai, though.

Both had their salaries slashed, a move likely spurred from a combination of PSN's troubles and Sony's third straight annual loss. The most recent loss is actually Sony's greatest reported loss in 16 years.


Hirai has largely been expected to succeed Stringer as the head of Sony. It's been unclear whether the PSN incident will change that direction, but in March, Hirai was promoted to more than just PlayStation, tasked with revitalizing Sony's entire consumer electronics division.

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