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New On DSiWare: PiCTOBiTS (An Actual Video Game)

It only took like six weeks, but there's finally a real puzzle game on DSiWare I might actually buy!

Let's hear it for DSiWare, folks. After the Animal Crossing applications debacle two weeks ago--when the weekly DSiWare release consisted of a calculator and a clock--Nintendo has a two-week streak going of putting actual video games on the new DS download service. Last week it was soccer, and this week it's the latest Art Style game, PiCTOBiTS--which, as far as I'm concerned, looks like the best thing on DSiWare so far. Read Nintendo's pitch.

Your goal in Art Style: PiCTOBiTS is simple: clear large blocks that fall from above ("megabits") by combining them with "bits" (square blocks) of the same color. Add in the ability to pick up bits and place them anywhere on the touch screen, and you'll quickly find that strategy is critical to your success. By clearing the bits, you gradually reveal each stage's hidden game character - look for favorites from classic NES™ titles - and earn coins that can be spent to unlock DARK stages or to listen to the game's soundtrack in MUSIC mode. This grand mix of familiar elements and new game play leads to the uniquely enjoyable experience that is PiCTOBiTS.

Here, take a look at this trailer and tell me it doesn't tickle your spot for Nintendo nostalgia (wherever that is). PiCTOBiTS is out now on DSiWare for 500 points ($5). Anyone playing it yet?


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