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PSP 2: The Rumor That Wouldn't Die

Note to Sony: If you're planning to announce this thing, you should probably do it soon, before Anonymous Sources beat you to it.

Kind of do want?
Kind of do want?
It's only been a few weeks since the last round of insistent rumors about a new PSP forthcoming from Sony, and last time you'll remember no less a developer than Dave Perry weighed in on the new handheld hardware. Note that's not just yet another minor update to the existing format--a PSP 4000, if you will--but a redesign the rumor mill has deemed thorough enough to dub this thing the PSP 2.

Now Pocket Gamer is here with more word of a new-new PSP from everyone's favorite wily insider Anonymous Source, who the site insists this time is not Dave Perry. The report offers confirmation of a litany of new details on the platform, including:

  • Full-system touch screen that slides back to reveal controls, including
  • Dual analog joysticks (cue fanfare)
  • No UMD drive
  • Download-only game service, including full PSP games and lighter, iPhone-style fare
  • Release by holiday 2009

The story concludes with the obvious assumption that Sony will announce all of this business at E3 in early June. Most exciting thing about a potential PSP 2 announcement to me? Not having to report PSP 2 rumors anymore.
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