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Puzzling Platformer Trine Looks Slick

Get your wizard-warrior-and-thief on in this curious, beautiful action game for the PC and PlayStation Network.

Have you seen this newly announced downloadable PC and PlayStation Network game Trine? I kept ignoring headlines about it last week until I stumbled into the trailer, the extremely lush visuals of which really caught my eye.


Turns out, Trine is a fantasy-themed side-scroller from developer Frozenbyte that lets you switch between three stock-archetype character classes on the fly to solve puzzles and pass obstacles. You've got your wizard, your burly warrior, and your lithe elf-like person with bow and arrow. Looks like there's a little bit of Kirby: Canvas Curse in here with the wizard; you can draw simple objects (boxes, ramps) onscreen to have him create them from thin air. The warrior dude can bash through stuff, and the rogue can swing on ropes.

This style of game seems like it would work better on the PS3 than a PC, except for that drawing mechanic, which might be a little tough with the thumbstick. Still, I'm going to consider this a PS3 game for the time being. Anyway, it's a scientifically proven fact that there cannot be too many 3D-graphics-2D-gameplay sorts of games in existence at one time, so I'm glad to see this on the way.

Trine is due out in Q2 '09, when I look forward to finding out I've been pronouncing it wrong for months.

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