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Seems Relic’s Expanding Its Free-to-Play Plans

RTS studio looking for several employees to head up F2P projects.

Company of Heroes Online represented Relic and dipping its toes into free-to-play.
Company of Heroes Online represented Relic and dipping its toes into free-to-play.

As free-to-play becomes more prevalent, it won’t be surprising to see some top-tier developers exploring what might be possible with it. RTS developer Relic Entertainment may be the latest to tinker with the evolving business model, according to some new job posts.

The Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40K developer is looking for a creative director, executive producer, and senior designer to help with one, if not more, free-to-play games within Relic.

Here’s an excerpt from the executive producer listing:

“The Executive Producer is the creative and business visionary, as well as, the ambassador for Relic’s Free-to-Play (FTP) products, ensuring long term critical and commercial success. The Executive Producer is responsible for growing and bringing successful products to market that deliver on the long term Studio goals.”

And here’s some of what Relic would be expecting from a potential senior designer:

  • Design progression and monetization systems
  • Writes design documents and develops prototypes at a level that meets and exceeds direction by leads
  • Plan necessary real-time feedback and metrics systems, interpret resultant data, and adjust game designs accordingly

Technically, Relic has already experimented with free-to-play in the past with Company of Heroes Online. Even though Company of Heroes Online was first aimed at Asia, it was eventually released here in North America in fall 2010. Relic actually developed those versions of the game, too. That one surprised me.

Thanks to Giant Bomb user Seedofpower for the heads up.

Also, I neglected to get a Homeworld reference somewhere in this story, so I'm just sticking it at the bottom.

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