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Tera Patrick Rides Shotgun In Upcoming Saints Row 2 DLC

I know when I was playing Saints Row 2 last year all I could think was "needs more porn ladies!"

Not to sound too obvious, but I would be down to be
Not to sound too obvious, but I would be down to be "homies" with Tera Patrick.
Eurogamer has an interview up with Volition's James Torbit that covers an upcoming piece of Saints Row 2 downloadable content called Ultor Exposed. The pack is the first of three planned add-ons for the open-world freestyle crime game, and it will launch on April 16 for ten bucks.

The core piece of Ultor Exposed is a new homie, which, like the game's other homies, can be called upon to ride with you and help you gun down enemies. This new homie's official site describes her as "the NUMBER ONE pornstar in the world, the exotic love goddess Tera Patrick." Patrick, a porn actress, has been featured in such films as Where The Boys Aren't 19 and Nice Rack 4. You may remember that she appeared in some of the marketing for the game as a "producer" of Saints Row 2. Now she'll be able to join you in-game, where she plays a microbiologist that used to work for Ultor, the game's evil corporation.

The Ultor Exposed DLC pack will add three new missions that feature Patrick, as well as new vehicles, clothing, and four new multiplayer maps. The pack will also add a competitive co-op toggle to the pause menu that lets two players compete for kills and points while playing through any of the game's missions together.

While this is another case of "I didn't have time to finish the existing content, let alone any kind of downloadable add-on" for me, I'm not the average everyday video game playin' person. You are. What say you, fine readers? Any interest in running around with a polygonal porn lady and blowing up everything in sight?
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