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The 12th Annual E3 Banner Contest

It's time to win and lose together one more time... digitally.

The Giant Bomb E3 Banner Contest. Where Legends Are Made.
The Giant Bomb E3 Banner Contest. Where Legends Are Made.

After taking a year off for... reasons, the E3 Banner Contest is returning for a twelfth installment. Since 2009, the moderators here have held a contest challenges anyone in the GB Community to create E3 banners that will be placed at the top of each press conference's discussion thread in the forums.

This year's E3 is a little over a week away, and it is obviously going to be a bit different than the last twenty-five. On top of that, as of this posting (June 2), we don't have a complete schedule of presentations, but that ain't gonna stop us from making some jpegs and gifs.

That means we're going to be doing this year's contest a little bit by the seat of our pants. So, make sure to carefully read the rules below. Once you've done that, feel free to start making beautiful, awesome, terrible, and/or funny stuff. Then, just post your creations in the comments. Whether you're a Photoshop master or can't find the color blue in MS Paint, you could win!

The Prizes

Firstly, each of the winners will each get a FREE MONTH of Giant Bomb Premium. If you are already a premium member, an extra month will be added to your current subscription.

Secondly, each winner will have VIP (Blue) status in Giant Bomb chat throughout E3. That means no cool-down for you! Just keep in mind that we will remove it if you abuse it.

The Rules

We're watching what you do. Always watching.
We're watching what you do. Always watching.
  • You can submit up to THREE banners for EACH press conference. So, if you've got multiple genius and/or idiotic ideas for one company, have at it!
  • Although you can submit many banners, you can only win ONCE. For example, if you win Ubisoft, you are ineligible for later shows.
  • All banners must be 650 x 150.
  • In spite of @zombiepie, animated GIFs are still legal. 15MB limit.
  • General forum rules apply (i.e. nothing that's considered NSFW).
  • While everyone is encouraged to discuss their favorites, winners are chosen only by the moderators.
  • DEADLINE for Summer Game Fest is 7 PM ET on Wednesday night, June 9th.
  • DEADLINE for everything else is 7 PM ET on Friday night, June 11th.

The Info

As of June 2, only three presentations have solidified a time and date. Currently, we want you to make stuff for these six events.

We will update the info on this list whenever details are announced. If a new event is announced, we might decide to add to this list. In the mean time, have fun with the loose details if you'd like. You'll have a chance to update your banner with accurate time info before the deadline. If for some reason one of them doesn't do some kind of presentation, it doesn't matter. We're here to have some fun, so you can still win the prizes.

Summer Game Fest KickOff Live!

Ubisoft Forward

Devolver Digital

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

Square Enix

Nintendo Direct

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It's a Lockdown, Baby

Now you know the rules and the basic info you should probably include. So, get to photoshopping, drawing, or even photographing! There's a template if you need a visual aid. And, if you need some inspiration, just check out all of the PAST WINNERS here.

Just remember. This is a contest. It's really fuckin' hard. But, you know what we gotta do?