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Giant Bomb News


There Is New Giant Bomb Merch For Sale!

And the entire store is 15% until next Friday!

pictured: the mean streets not pictured: wonderful socks
pictured: the mean streets not pictured: wonderful socks

COVER YOUR NUDENESS! In general this is good advice; one doesn't want one's extended bits getting too nippy in the cold autumn air. If you're interested in being both presentable and fashionable, have we got some new goods for you! Also the entire store is on sale until December 3rd! Take 15% off everything in stock!

Here's what's new:

New Era French Terry Baseball Full-Zip

If you like our New Era Hoodie from a couple of years ago, you might also enjoy this snugger-fitting jacket! Keeps the heat in but let's everyone see your hair! That's very important to someone like me, with my flowing mane. Available in Men's or Women's sizes!

40 Oz. Double Wall Water Bottle (SOLD OUT BUT WE WILL REORDER)

Are ya thirsty, son? If so, get most of* your daily recommended water intake with a single fill of this 40 ounce water bottle, belabeled with Giant Bomb logos from today and yesteryear! It's a cool design, but note there's an odd little gap in the logos due to the printing process! I love this water bottle anyway and so will you! Note that these are not stickers; these logos are printed directly onto the outside of the bottle to prevent them from peeling off. Hand wash recommended! Do not microwave!

*i am not a doctor

We even included a little space for you to doodle in!

Giant Bomb Socks

My crippling podophobia mostly expresses itself in a fear of...ankles. My campaign to ensure that everyone who enters my field of vision covers their entire footal area has thus far had limited results - I spent all that money on the billboard for nothing! My next step is encouraging everyone to buy these comfortable Luchadeer socks and PLEASE WEAR THEM before approaching me!

Giant Bomb Beanie

"Ow, my head!" That's what I saw when I walk out into the freezing 50-degree air of the Bay Area in winter. Or, at least...that's what I used to say. Now I have this wonderful Giant Bomb Beanie to cover my flowing mane, which I do not want anyone to see. Things are turning around for ol' Rorie.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful new merchandise! Note that due to labor and shipping issues these orders will most likely be shipping NEXT WEEK and will take around ten business days to arise, so you might not want to go crazy with overnight shipping or anything like that!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I'll try to get back to you! Just make sure to tag me in the reply!