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Valve, Aperture Science Updates Online Store With Portal 2 Stuff

Suddenly, I feel a few dollars lighter.

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You know what I’m not doing right now? Playing Portal 2. I know! But, hey, at least I can write about Portal 2 in some capacity this afternoon. Game creator Valve has just updated its web store with tons of new Portal 2 merchandise. It’s an appropriate date to do this, too, since, uh, today is the official release date of Portal 2 and all (review here!).

When you hit this link, you’ll see tons of graphic t-shirts, as well as a super sharp track jacket, lithographs, posters, and, for whatever reason, even a 1940s pint glass with Aperture Science branding. 

I just bought a plain Jane logo t-shirt and now, due to Twitter pressure, I am going back to grab some posters. Guys, I’m spewing cash in Valve's direction. Help me. (Patrick Says: Buy me some stuff!)