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Welcome The Newest Member of Giant Bomb: Jan Ochoa

Hey, we're introducing a new video producer out in Giant Bomb West. Say hi!

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Hey everybody, we're pleased to introduce the newest member of the Giant Bomb family: Jan Jerome Ochoa. He'll be helping out Jason in getting our Quick Looks, live streams, and other video products up on the site. Here's a few bullet points as to where he's coming from. Please welcome him in the comments!

“Hey everybody, my name is Jan and I am beyond hyped to join an already amazing team! Here are a couple tidbits about me:

•Born and raised in the YAY AREAAAAAAA

•Former camera operator for “Mythbusters” and “Mythbusters: The Search”. I’m used to literal giant bombs.

•Former producer/editor for MegaBots Inc., those dudes building a GIANT robot fighting league. I’m actually claiming the title of “The World’s First Filipino-American Mech pilot”

•I can do the splits.

•“Phantom of the Opera” is my favorite musical. Speaking about music I normally listen to hip-hop and showtunes.

•I get my haircut by another Filipino guy named Jan.

•I have a gold grill.

Follow me on Twitter: _janjerome

And on Instagram: janjerome

Please help us welcome Jan in the comments!