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What's Happening On Giant Bomb: Week Of 1/30/23


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Hello everyone, and welcome to another Monday morning/afternoon Rorie’s Roundup of things happening on Giant Bomb. I was going to do this weekly but, well, the last couple of weeks have not been great! Sorry for the interruption in service but hopefully I will be able to pick these back up on a weekly basis going forward. Note that Friday Night Forkin' was mistakenly left off the schedule above but it is going forward on Thursday night! And we'll have a Community Co-Op Corner on Friday at 4 PM Pacific!

Last I wrote I said we were close to re-launching the store and…we are still pretty close to doing so! The ownership of the store has been transferred to my account and all of our merch from Social Imprints is being shipped to our new store partner. Untangling all of the merch and getting it rung into inventory will take a bit, but we are still planning to launch with just the seven shirts from last summer - hopefully less busted this time, but the samples are great! When we do launch I’m going to have to ask for your patience in getting up to speed - I’ll be handing all your store code and 10% off discounts manually, I assume, so please as always drop me a line at the support email address and we’ll try to get you sorted.

I hope to have more specific word on timing of this launch soon but it is actively being worked on.

Big Bugs

I have been working my way backward through older Bombcasts because the first couple of years had programmatic ads added to them, and if you’re Premium you obviously don’t want those to appear. Fixing this is a very manual process, but easy enough to do while I’m watching TV, so I knocked a bunch of them out last night and will try to get through more of them as I have a chance to. Sorry for the delay on this; I know it’s been on the docket for a while.

Our new login page should be live now if you check it out here. It should look a bit smoother and work better on mobile. Currently you can only login through email, so if you’re having any issues with that feel free to ping me via the support email address (support at or in the site-tech-issues on the Discord and I’ll do my best to get you sorted.

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Speaking of support, we have been flipping some switches in the background and are trying to re-direct the support email address from an RV instance of Zendesk to a Fandom instance. If you email support and don’t get a reply please let me know in the comments here or over on the Discord.


This week’s Premium giveaway will give all of you readers and writers something to look forward to! We have a brand-new Sailor Moon Plain Moleskine notebook (still sealed! apparently worth some cash on eBay!), a weirdo Dying Light 2 notebook that I presume was some kind of collector’s edition throw-in, and Creating Q-Bert And Other Classic Video Arcade Games by one Warren Davis. Since I’m feeling nice I’ll also throw in some CNET stickers I found that were made by an AI! Enter to win here if you are a Premium subscriber!

Community Co-Op Corner

I am going to the office on Wednesday so unfortunately I won’t be able to stream then, but I’ll try to stream right after UPF! Join me for some Halo: Infinite co-op Friday at 4 PM Pacific!

As always if you have any questions about such and stuff, please do let me know in the comments.