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Your Pre-E3 Video Game-Related NASCAR Update

News is breaking and we're here for you.

OK, I know E3 is right around the corner. There are plenty of important things we could be talking about right now. I submit however that nothing is more important at the moment than this Mario Galaxy-themed stock car. Nothing

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Once I saw that the Meijer 300 already took place earlier today at the Kentucky Speedway, I figured it was too late to post this. But that was before I realized that driver Joey Logano tore up that track with not just a win today but a record-setting three consecutive wins over his last three races there.

Incidentally, Joey Logano is now the official NASCAR driver of

Here's a clip of Mario and Yoshi careening around the final lap to victory. It's mildly disturbing to me that I've stopped looking at these video game-themed stock cars with bafflement, and instead just started sort of accepting them as a matter of course, but you will agree these are strange times we're living in, will you not? 
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