Assasins creed, Johnson's errand help?

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#1 Posted by Virago (2566 posts) -

So no spoilers intended, but I'm supposed to shoot the gun powder barrels but nothing happens when I hit the triangle button (y on Xbox). I have the pistol equipped, I even have a musket that I can pickup and drop with the O button (b on Xbox) but nothing happens. I've got the HUD enabled, pressing L1 to aim, nothing. Is this a glitch or am I just retarded?

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#2 Posted by EuanDewar (5160 posts) -

you have to hit the barrels on the ground specifically

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#3 Posted by Virago (2566 posts) -

Okay so you have to target the barrels on the ground before shooting at all. Thanks :)

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#4 Posted by Genkkaku (759 posts) -

That whole game is full of pretty lax tutorials unfortunately

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#5 Posted by IBurningStar (2273 posts) -

I was stuck here for a moment too. The game has a terrible, TERRIBLE habit of giving rather vague directions. I have failed full synchronization numerous times due to being unaware of certain things, and trying clever approaches to scenarios that end up blowing up in my face in unexpected ways. If you hide in bushes and have a NPC following you, they wont hide in bushes and will get caught. That is just one example of weird things that go wrong.

What is a real shame is how it does a great job of explaining and teaching you how to do side stuff like hunt and whatnot, but completely omits or briefly goes over important things like, say, combat mechanics.

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