Discovery Tour is pretty awesome

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I've been looking forward to the Discovery Tour release since launch and after messing with it today it was worth the wait. As a history nerd it is great having a virtual guided tour with additional artifacts from museums included. It's packed with a good amount of varied tours and is a very good replacement for the database from the previous games.

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@marcmann2: Oh whoa, wait a sec, this game didn't have the codex stuff from old AC games? If not then a) that's a bummer, and b) not a bummer anymore cause this thing looks fucking rad, holy shit.

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Hopefully this can make it on to UPF this week

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Yeah, I hope they take a look at it. It is pretty cool.

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Yeah, it's awesome, really good in education too. I read an article a day or two ago that some University divided people into two groups, 1 was given a standard lecture about Ancient Egypt and the other group played the Discovery Tour. After the classes, both groups took the same test and percentage in success rate was fairly close. Although the standard lecture was slightly superior, it still surprised the professors at how close the gap was, they expected a much larger one so it is quite a good tool for education.

AC:O has really amazing post-release support, one of my top 5 games of 2017. The discovery tour patch also added new game + mode so I'm definitely gonna return to the game in the future.

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I'm looking forward to checking that out. Can't really think of a negative. I'm curious what academics have to say about it's accuracy. Considering the core game did a decent job with it's history hopefully this can be used as a good learning tool.

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I fired this up not expecting that much but WOW they really went for it with this one. So much content and you can just fly/walk around the world as various characters if you don't want to follow the little tours.

It's a real bummer though... my 11 year old son is getting really into history, he actually won his school's History Bee last month. He would lose his mind over all this historical content, it feels like they designed this with all ages in mind which is great. But... how are you supposed to let a kid play this while telling him sorry, you can't play the real game? I doubt you can even block the other menu options, so you'd have to actually physically take the game disc or lock out the download version every time. And if you're thinking the content isn't really THAT bad, refresh your memory at the ESRB page.

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@drzing There's a ($20 I think) standalone version of the discovery mode if you're that worried about it.

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You can also swap characters and go nuts with the photo mode using the discovery tour. It really is a fantastic addition to the game.

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It's great! As someone who always enjoyed the historical context and characters of the fictional games, this is neat way to indulge that. It's great way to recycle this detailed 3D space for something else.

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They can sell that $20 PC version to a lot of schools (it's probably part of the reason they're doing a separate version). This is some seriously neat stuff.

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Man, a $20 Xbox version of this would be so killer, as a good gift for kids and even more so because you can just wander around the entire world and enjoy the 4K HDR. Get on it Ubisoft! Imagine if Microsoft made a deal and just bundled this with every Xbox One X as a kind of demo.

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