Is anyone here going to go back through the series before ACIII?

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Haven't even touched an Assassins Creed game since 2, and i don't plan to until 3 comes out.

Hope i didn't miss anything too major

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Haven't even touched an Assassins Creed game since 2, and i don't plan to until 3 comes out.

Hope i didn't miss anything too major

You missed Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the best game in the franchise.
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No, a lot of what the franchise has done is good but it felt like it was stretched out just playing through the whole series up to this point once, I don't really have any interest in doing it again.

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@Voxel said:


Haven't even touched an Assassins Creed game since 2, and i don't plan to until 3 comes out.

Hope i didn't miss anything too major

You missed Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the best game in the franchise.

Not only when referring to gameplay, but overall, you've missed out on some important story stuff.

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I have a question, why didn't they just call Brotherhood and Revelations episodes? I mean, Brotherhood and Revelations, they are full on games, but they seem very episodic to me, and it wasn't ever set up that way it seems, when it should have.

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I've only played the first two, so yes, Im going to play brotherhood and revelations first.

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Nope. That's 4 games with all the same gameplay and they are long ass games.

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell no.

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I recently went through the all of the ACII Trilogy. It was hard enough getting through these games the first time around. They are cool on paper... bun fun playing them? Not so much. At least for me.
The entirety of Assassin's Creed is too plodding for me. And it pretty much plays itself.
Hell - AC3 looks cool, but yet again seems like more of an autopilot game to me. For example the bow. Fun bow gameplay involves pulling the sinew just right. To aim and lead just right. To anticipate drop. To friggin' shoot the damn thing myself. But no... it's yet another autopilot tool. So no thanks, maybe for a buck fiddy a couple of years down the road, and even then only due to a false sense of dilligence.
Why anybody would get so excited, to waste so much time on playing the previous Assassin's Creed games again, when there are so many other good games coming out all the time? Oh wasteful heart of the youth, how I can no longer afford thee. Or is it just that youth can't afford more games?

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I played everyone.. excluding Revelations, because I was burnt out on AC.. I 100% ACII and I see no reason to go back and play any of them before I jump into 3

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I tend to play through previous titles in a series before playing a new installment (Metal Gear, Legacy of Kain, Halo), so I'll probably do it here. But because of the expansiveness of the games, I'll probably limit myself to just the central story and suppress my completionist tendencies.

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I'll probably finish my current second playthrough of Revelations.

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I got my xbox in I've literally played through the whole 4 games in 3 years....I'll know what's up come this (november?).

So excited!!

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no but I may finally finish Revelations.

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I actually played through II, Brotherhood and Revelations for the first time this year, so no. If I went through any of the old games again I probably wouldn't feel like playing III right away afterwards.

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No, I think the gameplay between them is similar enough, that it might drain some of my enjoyment from III, as for the story itself I can remember that pretty well.

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No no, I've had enough of AC2 tech. Waiting for the AC3 innovation!

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no. I already have other games that i need to beat before that game comes out.

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I love the series, but there is simply not enough time. Anyone who hasn't played Brotherhood should do that ASAP.

Revelations less so, but it's more important story-wise than Ryan Davis would have you believe. Even if the ending isn't as "crazy random" when compared to Assassins Creed II.

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I can't imagine playing the same game 4 times just to then play it a 5th time.

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@Grimace said:

Revelations less so, but it's more important story-wise than Ryan Davis would have you believe. Even if the ending isn't as "crazy random" when compared to Assassins Creed II.

Yes, this is very much true. I think it'd be a huge mistake to pass on AC:R.

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@Canteu: I hope most people don't think the game will be as you just put it, because Assassin's Creed 3 will be different. Go look at videos, it'll have small additions that I believe will end up making the experience feel fresh. It's not just your new iteration of the last AC game you played.

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@NTM: I can't imagine playing the same game 4 times, then play a slightly different iteration of the same game a 5th time.

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I might. I find it somewhat hard to go back to these games after 100%ing the single player stories. 

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i bought AC:II and didn't play it too much. dunno why i didn't i just did not play it that much.

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I've played through them all already and I do not intend on playing them again.

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  • I am really bad at finishing a single AC game at once. AC1 I got for my Birthday in 2007 and didn't actually finish it until the summer before AC II coming out in 2009. (Putting it on hold for ages even though I got probably three quarters of the way through it in about a month).
  • I got AC II for my birthday in 2009 and got really into it (I even asked for/was given the official guide so I could possibly be more efficient with my time and not waste so much of it chasing for Flags aimlessly like I did in AC1) but again I stopped at some point and didn't finish it until the next year just after the announcement of Brotherhood.
  • I then got Brotherhood for my Birthday in 2010 and adored it the most out of any of them. It just flowed so well and I got incredibly far into it, probably the closest I have ever got ton to finishing one almost as soon as I got it... before stopping again at some point. I think this was more due to how me and my sister are invested into the AC universe and I like to only play important parts when she is around to see them as well, and this was the year when she started to not be around that often leaving me in my free time to play the AC: B multiplayer - and I played a lot of multiplayer. Eventually though, once I saw the announcement trailer for Revelations last year I got pumped again and went in and finished it (kind of glad I burnt out where I had as a little earlier would have been still during that awkward build-up phase in the AC stories which only works due to extended play and the tension being built in the storyline but completely breaks if you jump into it later. And if I had stopped a little further in, I would have already been into the closing parts of the game and it would have taken away from the great ending of that game.
  • When it came to Revelations though, I was still pumped from Brotherhood and so I pre-ordered the version I could afford (not Animus edition, the one below that) meaning I didn't have to wait a month to start paying it. However, Skyward Sword came out the week after which I was always going to stop whatever I was doing to play (which was totally worth it, it outclassed everything of that year for me) which means I only had a week before I would cut short my playtime of AC: R (even shorter than expected as my SS arrived the day before its official release) meaning I only got a third of the way through it before putting it off, only revisiting it to fill out side quest stuff and play some multiplayer as I again I wanted my sister to see the important parts of the story. On the other hand, while I was much further behind than normal, I did end up pushing myself and finishing it before the start of my summer this year.
  • Nevertheless, I found Revelations to be quite weaker than others, losing some of the flow they perfected in Brotherhood. So I am a little burnt out on the series and haven't pre-ordered AC III (likely getting it for my Birthday like I did with every game before Revelations). And hopefully due to me finishing Revelations earlier than normal I will have my love for the series return when I get III.

Anyway, due to how bad I am at finishing a single game at once, there is no way in hell I could replay all of the previous ones to get ready for the next one. I might get the Desmond/Subject 16 DLC for Revelations (As I sort of liked those Puzzle segments) and I should watch the Embers animated video/film that I haven't seen even though it came with my Revelations pre-order (I honestly only ordered that version for the soundtrack) which should easily be enough for me to get ready for AC III.

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#29 Posted by MrMuscle (497 posts) -

I started a bit late and really only expected to clear AC1, but that went fast so im playing AC2 now. Ive played all of them before so im not stressing it, but im really having a great time.

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I was burnt out on AC by AC2, I doubt I'll ever get around to playing AC3, yet alone replaying the past games.

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I just beat Revelation today, so I am ready for Tuesday!

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Probably not, I'm not even sure if I'm going to play AC3 at this point.. I didn't much care for the first one and only played bits and pieces of the second.

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#33 Posted by doobie (612 posts) -

i wasn't going to, but i picked up AC:B off steam last week for £5. just reminded me how fucking great the AC games are and has got me really hyped for 3. the PC version of 3 isn't out till the end of nov so gives me plenty of time to catch up.

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#34 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

Nah-ah. I remember them quite well.

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wow, I'm really surprised by this perception of AC. Sure, Brotherhood and Revelations were more of AC2, but AC2 is a great game (especially compared to the first game) and AC3 looks incredible. They have totally reworked most, if not all of the systems in the game for 3 including the combat, the navigation and the stealth, if what they have been showing off in videos is to be believed then they all look good changes and the conclusion to this arc of the AC story as a whole should be interesting.

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I was going to; I actually bought ACII online last week, and I have yet to receive it, so it looks like I'm not going to Et to play through them before III comes out.

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No. I played Brotherhood and Revelations back-to-back and it left me incredibly burned out by the middle of Revelations. I want my ACIII experience as exhilarating as ACII was, which I still consider to be one of the best games of the generation.

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#38 Posted by Mikey2D (309 posts) -

No I won't be - I finished up Revelations earlier this year - so I'm ready.

Any Vita owners out there like me though who are thinking of picking up Liberation?

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#39 Posted by corruptsaves (284 posts) -

I only played AC2 and it was enjoyed. Was looking forward to future releases but they just seemed to similar to bother with.

AC3 looks like it will be fun but probably story limited with lots of DLC and pumping out more yearly sequels after that. Really puts me off wanting to go back to it.

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#40 Posted by lclay (398 posts) -

Can't think of anything that would put me off more assassins creed than playing 4 assassins creed games

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#41 Posted by freedomfreak (6 posts) -


Looking forward to it though.

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#42 Posted by ShaggE (8419 posts) -

Nope. I was painfully sick of Ezio halfway through Brotherhood, and I feel no need to replay the first game, so it will be a long time before I revisit the prior games/finish Brotherhood/play Revelations.

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Assassin's Creed is one of those series' that is really difficult to playthrough back-to-back-to-back-to-back....because from AC II, Brotherhood, and Revelations iterate so much that at some point, it'll feel like you're playing the longest game in history. Especially if you're doing all the sidequests, and collectibles or anything non-story related.

I did finally wrap up Revelations last week before AC III's release, though.

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#44 Posted by Von (330 posts) -

I still haven't finished AC1 even if I own all the other ones too. It's just too damn BORING, and I'm a person who dislikes to watch the end on YouTube. It feels wrong somehow... *sigh* Someday I will embark upon this most holy of quests and complete the damn games.

I did pick up AC3 - Liberation for the Vita though, since that's a bit more stand-alone and it has been a blast so far! Is the other AC games like that? (i.e the ones that came after the first one, and regarding repetitiveness)

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The Quick Look of the third one looked pretty cool and the combat looked pretty fun so I may play it. Actually, the combat kind of reminded me of The Patriot. Mel Gibson axes people like nobody's business in that movie.

However, out of all of the AC games I've played 2 for about three or four hours, maybe a bit more, and none of the others. I know the twist at the end of 2 and a bit of the Desmond stuff but that's all I know about the series. Judging by my past track record, I could never get through all of the games before the end of this year unless they really, really clicked well with me and 2 didn't draw me in as well as something like Dead Space or Skyrim or Halo. Chances are, I'd play one of the previous games (probably 2 or Brotherhood) and then dive into 3, and maybe play some of the other ones later. All of them, in order, in a short span of time? That isn't going to happen.

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#46 Posted by Mr402 (164 posts) -

I'm going to do a playthrough of every one of them since the PC version is still almost a month away.

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