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    At a Distance

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 07, 2011

    A game by Terry Cavanagh, which is played by two people using two computers next to each other. The game is free to download for PC and Mac.

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    Developed by Terry Cavanagh, the creative mind behind VVVVVV, At A Distance is a first person puzzle game meant to be played co-operatively by two people on two separate machines side-by-side. The download link at the top takes you to the page for the game, which is free, and can be played cross-platform between PC and Mac.

    The game is left intentionally vague, with the only help in the download coming in the form of a text file detailing how the controls work and how to set up the machines to work with each other. From there, you're on your own to figure it out, working with your partner to figure out just what's going on.


    The important thing about the game is how the themes play into the gameplay. In interviews at game shows, Mr. Cavanagh has stated that the idea of the game is to feel isolated, even though you're working together with someone who's right next to you. To achieve this, the game has a very unique art style, with large, spacious rooms that are empty of much in the way of decor. It also has a very interesting way of fading in and out, and the rooms seem to pulse with light, almost as if the game is breathing.

    There's also no death in the game, which is good, because as you're trying to figure out how everything works together, you're probably going to fail at a platforming section here and there. The game isn't very heavy on music, either, though there is some here and there, along with a sound like surf, or breathing, at points, to go along with the way the areas seem to fade in and out.

    Victory isn't awarded with a fanfare or congratulations screen, either, but a mere fade to yellow and dumping you right back to your starting room. Perfect for letting some other person play who hasn't experienced the game yet!


    At A Distance was a finalist at IndieCade 2011, and a Game of the Show nominee at EuroGamer Expo 2011.

    System Specs

    No system requirements have been announced at this time. At A Distance works very well on even lower-end computers, though. It's not graphically intensive, so most people will have no problem running it on their machines.


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