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AtWar promotional banner
AtWar promotional banner

AtWar is the reincarnation and re-branding of the multiplayer strategy game Afterwind developed by two brothers named Amok and Ivan. AtWar provides players with a domination style strategy game that is free to play and browser based. AtWar consists of simultaneous, turn based sessions that allow players to build empires, create alliances, and declare war on other players.

Connecting to AtWar

AtWar provides players various ways to connect and play in the online experience, including: Official AtWar Website, Desura, and Facebook; it is playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

AtWar Audience

A diverse environment and play style is present with AtWar providing 25 different translations including: English, Russian, French, Dutch, Arabic, Norwegian, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese and Leetspeak.

Each player has the ability to customize their play style to suit their objectives and strategic attitude with the introduction of over 35 different units, strategies, and upgrades making each player's approach unique.

SP (Strategy Points)

SP is gained when your tour in a game has ended, either by winning, losing, or surrendering. In a game: SP is stored in a pool that is automatically calculated based on how well a player manages their forces, territory, and battles. When a match ends all SP that was added to the pool is given to the winner or winners in the case of an alliance.

Note: All potential SP is lost when you abandon a game.

SP can be used to gain access to various feature of AtWar which include upgrades, name changes, and ranking.


Ranks are determined by SP. Below is a list of SP needed per rank, the rooms a rank can join, and limitations set upon certain ranks and up.

RankRank Symbol (Premium)SPRoomsLimitations
No Caption Provided
0 - 49BeginnerCannot send funds
No Caption Provided
50 - 99Beginner
No Caption Provided
100 - 2999Beginner
No Caption Provided
3000 - 9999Beginner/Main
No Caption Provided
10000 - 24999Beginner/Main
No Caption Provided
25000 - 49000MainCannot join Beginner rooms
No Caption Provided
50000 - 99999Main
No Caption Provided
100000 - 169999Main
No Caption Provided
170000 - 279999Main
No Caption Provided
280000 - 449999Main
No Caption Provided
450000 - 699999Main
No Caption Provided
700000 - 999999Main
No Caption Provided
1M - 1299999Main
No Caption Provided
1.3M - UnknownMain
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided


Upgrades can be purchased by accessing the upgrades tab located in the top right of the lobby. Upgrades give players a use for their SP that can give them an advantage on the battlefield and sculpt their forces to fit their play style.

UpgradePremium Only?F2P PricePremium PriceType
General: DefenceYes-45 SPUpgrade
Naval StealthNo100 SP90 SPUnit
ImperialistNo200 SP180 SPStrategy
Air SupportNo400 SP360 SPUnit
Naval Transport CapacityNo700 SP630 SPUpgrade
Ground StealthNo1000 SP900 SPUnit
Master Of StealthNo1500 SP1350 SPStrategy
Ground Secondary DefenceNo2000 SP1800 SPUnit
Faster GeneralYes-2700 SPUpgrade
Guerrilla WarfareNo4000 SP3600 SPStrategy
General: Ground Secondary DefenceYes-4500 SPUpgrade
Air Transport CapacityNo6000 SP5400 SPUpgrade
General: Ground Main DefenceYes-5850 SPUpgrade
Lift The FogNo7000 SP6300 SPUpgrade
General: view rangeYes-7200 SPUpgrade
Ground Special DefenceNo8500 SP7650 SPUnit
Stronger Ground Special DefenceNo8500 SP7650 SPUpgrade
Faster Naval StealthNo9000 SP8100 SPUpgrade
Sky MenaceNo10000 SP9000 SPStrategy
Mobile Ground Special DefenceNo10500 SP9450 SPUpgrade
General: costYes-9900 SPUpgrade
Affordable SupportNo11500 SP10350 SPUpgrade
BlitzkriegNo12000 SP10800 SPStrategy
Safer TransportationNo13000 SP11700 SPUpgrade
General: Ground Main AttackYes-12600 SPUpgrade
Lucky Ground Secondary DefenceNo15500 SP13950 SPUpgrade
Faster Naval Main AttackNo16000 SP14400 SPUpgrade
Air Special AttackNo16500 SP14850 SPUnit
Submarine capacityNo17000 SP15300 SPUpgrade
Lucky Ground StealthNo18000 SP16200 SPUpgrade
Lucky GeneralYes-17100 SPUpgrade
Air StealthNo20000 SP18000 SPUnit
Lucky Ground Main DefenceNo21000 SP18900 SPUpgrade
General: Air Main AttackYes-19800 SPUpgrade
Faster Ground StealthNo23000 SP20700 SPUpgrade
Expendable Ground StealthNo24000 SP21600 SPUpgrade
Cheap TransportationNo25000 SP22500 SPUpgrade
Faster Ground Main DefenceNo28000 SP25200 SPUpgrade
General: movement rangeYes-26100 SPUpgrade
Expendable Ground Main DefenceNo30000 SP27000 SPUpgrade
Hybrid WarfareYes-31500 SPStrategy


Note: Current builds of Opera may experience issues due to a lack of support with Silverlight.

Premium and ProtoCoins

Premium is a pay to play expansion of AtWar that unlocks a wide variety of features on a subscription basis (1/3/6 month subscriptions) or through feature packs (unlock certain premium content for the rest of your accounts existence).

Some Premium Features

For a full list visit the official AtWar wikia.

  • Create games for up to 20 players
  • Set minimum/maximum rank for a game
  • Create private and cooperative team games
  • Create custom maps and games with custom maps
  • Create a Coalition (clan) or be Leader/Officer rank
  • Use a custom General icon
  • Use Global [gl] chat
  • Create and use a forum signature
  • General (unit)
  • Create custom scenarios and games with custom scenarios
  • Discount on Upgrades
  • 4 Premium Strategies (do not cost SP) - Lucky Bastard, Great Combinator, Iron Fist, and Desert Storm

ProtoCoins are a virtual currency which can be used in limited areas throughout the game in place of SP. ProtoCoins can be purchased through an AtWar account via Xsolla Paystation. While these can be purchased as gifts for friends it cannot be traded from one account to another.


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