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    Aya Gozen

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    The elder half-sister of Japanese warlord Kenshin Uesugi. In Samurai Warriors 3, she serves as co-commander of the Uesugi forces along with her brother.

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    Aya Gozen (sometimes referred to as simply Aya or Lady Aya) was the elder half-sister of the Uesugi clan daimyo Kenshin Uesugi and the wife of Masakage Nagao. It is said that she was the one who recommended Kanetsugu Naoe to serve under her second son, Kagekatsu Uesugi.

    In Video Games

    Aya first appears in a prominent role in Samurai Warriors 3 as a special NPC. In the game, she leads the Uesugi forces alongside her brother Kenshin, who regards her with great reverence. Clad in a white hooded cloak, she speaks in a very demure tone that hides a none-the-less sharp tongue. In her original non-playable appearance, she fights using a naginata as her weapon. She became playable in Samurai Warriors Chronicles, in which she wields a staff, and is also playable in both Samurai Warriors 3Z and Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends.


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