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This is heavy, Doc 0

Reposted from my site:I think we have something special here, folks. Telltale Games (developers behind  Tales from Monkey Island and  Sam and Max) acquired the license to produce an episodic adventure game based on the classic film trilogy,  Back to the Future. The game was made available yesterday and after completing the first "episode" of the game, I'm hungry for more.  Back to the Future: The Game is fueled by pure nostalgia, but a brand new story (of which Bob Gale was a consultant) and top...

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Back to the Future: The Game: Episode 1 0

It seems with the recent relaunch of Tron and the Ghostbusters game released last year, there's been sort of a trend of making video game sequels to some well remembered 80's movies. Now Telltale jumps in with another episodic point-and-click adventure set in the universe of the beloved Back to the Future franchise. Set in 1986, a year after the events of the last movie in the trilogy, the DeLorean has long been smashed to pieces by that freight train and Doc's nowhere to be found. To Marty's su...

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Ahhh, nostalgia! 1

 Back to the Future: The Game Episode 1: It's About Time4.0/5.0 "Double Rainbows"The first episode in Telltale's latest point and click adventure game was released late December 2010 for PC and Mac via Telltale's site and Steam.  Releases for PS3 and iPad are slated for 'early 2011'. First things first, this game is not for everyone.  True the the genre, you point and you click and you have an adventure.  There's no combat system, no bullet time, no desserts that wish to deceive you and no...

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Strong Start to a New Adventure Game Series 0

This game is a nice entry by Telltale Games into a new adventure game series.  For those of us who grew up partly in the 80s, it provides great nostalgia value, staying faithful to the spirit of the original while at the same time providing an all-new story.  While not without its flaws, this game's pluses clearly outweigh its minuses.  For instance, the voice acting is very good.  Doc Brown is voiced by Christopher Lloyd (the original Doc Brown from the movies).  Marty McFly is voiced by A.J. L...

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If you like the movies, you'll love the game 1

  The 80's were known for having many well done, popular,  teen and young adult movies. The Karate Kid, The Goonies, Revenge of the Nerds, to name a few. Another movie which was a huge hit back then, was Back to the Future. The movie put an actor named Michael J Fox on the map. Now you get to play the official game, decades after the film release.  The story opens with Doc and Marty doing their experiment, trying to master time Travel. Doc uses his Dog named Einstein as the test subject. What...

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Telltale's best yet 0

 Probably Telltale Games' best effort yet, with an excellent hint system to help impatient adventure gamers like myself who just want to see the story press along. People even remotely familiar with the film series should be able to appreciate the fantastic voice acting and a great start to what looks like will be a great story. Can't wait for part 2. ...

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Great Scot! 0

When you look back at the movies from the 80's,not a lot of them tend to stand out like the Back to The Future series.The great (with total disregard for laws of physics) storyline,the fine attention to detail, the memorable characters are still in many peoples eyes favourite off all time.Now with Tellatale Games on the job to expand on this universe with Marty, Doc and Einstein, can they deliver the goods?   StoryThe good thing is that the  Bob Gale and Christopher Llyod are back in their roles...

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Back to the Future sends me back to my childhood 0

     Back to the Future: Episode 1 is far from perfect, but the sense of nostalgia it brings is enough to warrant purchasing Telltale's latest adventure.       The game starts off with Marty trying to prevent Doc's estate sale, as Doc has been missing for several months now. The little touches that Telltale adds in the game make this game worthwhile for the casual or die hard BttF fan. Things like having to turn the time circuits on before entering a date into the keypad makes the kid in me sque...

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A game for the fans of the movies! My DarkZero review 0

Great Scott! I’m writing about a Back to the Future game without having travelled back to 1991. To be brutally honest, the Back to the Future games of the past weren’t something you would build a time travelling DeLorean for, they were all painfully dreadful. Telltale Games, the studio that strives on making great episodic adventure games, have picked up the license to make a season (five episodes) using theBack to the Future license. Whohohoho, the future is looking a whole lot better!Rather th...

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