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Bakumatsu Kourinden: Oni ("Advent of the Edo Period's End: Oni") is a traditional Japanese RPG exclusive to the Super Famicom. It is part of Pandora Box's Oni series of RPGs, each of which is based around Japan's mythological creatures. It was preceded by Onigami Kourinden: Oni on the Super Famicom, which was released in 1994.

It features a young man named Yamatomaru who decides to take his father's sword and pursue the demons that ransacked his village. Along the way he meets Natsume, a young mage-in-training, and Juurouta, an expert "shadow shinsengumi", part of the secret force of demon-hunters keeping Japan safe from monsters. At one point in the game, the player travels to North America via ship.

The game plays like a standard RPG of its genre. The player's party and enemies attack on turns, with options to use magic or items when the situation calls for it. Bakumatsu Kourinden is distinct for having underwater battles, with items the player can use to replenish a dwindling oxygen supply. The player can also fight ship battles.

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