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The Witcher

 Wandering the Outskirts could turn you into this dog's midnight snack.
 Wandering the Outskirts could turn you into this dog's midnight snack.
In The Witcher these ghastly hounds plague the inhabitants on the Outskirts of Vizima. Some people believe that they are a curse from the witch Abigail, while others are of the opinion that these dogs are possessed by demons from the spirit world. Packs of them appear in the night to kill anyone who happens to still be wandering the streets. 

Beastiary Entry

"People say that barghests are specters which materialize as ghastly dogs and persecute the living. According to some folk tales these monsters are the scouts of the Wild Hunt. Other legends say the ghosts appear as a sign of divine retribution and embody revenge. However, all tales agree on one point: Barghests show the living no mercy."  


 Class:Specter (Ghost)
 Occurence:Barghests are ghosts that possess living dogs, and they only come from the underworld when summoned.
A barghest is absolutely fearless, and as such is unaffected by anything that that would instill fear. They are also immune to any form of poison. Because a barghest requires 
a body to manifest itself, however, it does experience pain, and can be stunned, although they are more resistant to these things than a regular dog would be.
Barghests are sensitive to silver, and they are relatively easy to knock down. The Witcher's Fast Style is the most efficient one to use agains these creatures, although a 
more experienced Witcher can effectively use the Group Style when fighting multiple barghests.
Barghests always hunt and fight in groups. Their primary tactic is to surround their opponent and attack from multiple angles.
The following alchemy ingredients can be aquired from a barghest: beast fangs, ectoplasm, Death Dust
Other goods:
 Barghest skull

Notes and Tips

  • If you're having trouble defeating a pack of barghests with your sword, try using a heavy club instead.
  • In the prologue, Lambert explains to you that the Fast Style is the best style for taking on barghests. This does not, however, create a bestiary entry.
  • During Act I, an "Old townswoman" tells Geralt about barghests in exchange for food. The conversation does not result in a bestiary entry about the barghest, but it does result in an ingredient entry for ectoplasm.
  • Death Dust can not be looted from the corpse of a barghest without having read the barghests book. Other items such as barghest skulls, beast fangs, and ectoplasm can be looted without having read the book first.


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