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Batman is a PC Engine-exclusive licensed game that is based on the 1989 Tim Burton movie of the same name featuring the DC Comics character Batman and his clown nemesis The Joker. SunSoft created four different versions of the game for different consoles; the others include the Sega Genesis Batman, the Nintendo Entertainment System Batman and Game Boy versions. The PC Engine version, which was exclusive to Japan, is the most distinct of the Batman games SunSoft created.

In this version, Batman visits various locations from the movie - Gotham's streets during the carnival, the Flugelheim Museum and the Axis Chemical Plant - and must undo the damage caused by Joker and his henchmen while eluding the henchmen in question. These stages are all top-down mazes with a certain number of elements that Batman has to either remove or fix before he can move onto the next stage.

Along with these items, Batman can also acquire power-ups that increase his speed and the range and speed of his Batarangs. Enemies can be temporarily defeated by Batarangs, but will soon respawn in the level.

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