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This is WW3 in action

War is hell, that’s what I say. War is fun, that’s what some soldiers say. War brings peace…. The list goes on forever and probably will one day include War doesn’t involve guns. Meanwhile we can use Battlefield 2142 to see what World War 3 may hold for us. Do the guns shoot laser beams instead of different calibers of bullets? Well, the answer to that is no. It seems according to DICE, the company behind the battlefield series, doesn’t think so but, the future holds many unlockables and Titians.

The game as usual has no campaign, and its single player aspect never did hold up when compared to multi player. There is a back-story to this version, well there needed to be. Otherwise, it would go something like this:
“Hey John, I wanna shoot a gun.”
“Ok John, here’s a gun”
“Bob, I wanna a war.”
“Okay, lets go piss off the PAC the same way our late president George W. Bush pissed off the whole Middle East.”

Yeah that’s how I see it. Well, the back-story, epilogue, is that it is the dawn of a new ice age and two factions the EU and PAC are fighting over the land that is actually habitable. Therefore, two factions, the European Union and the Pan Asian Coalition, which means no egotistical Americans that, think they are better. When you first start, you obviously start at the lowliest of ranks and have to work your way up to get unlockables and eventually new weapons. Unlockables consist of grenades, steroids, emp grenades, tiny shields, shotgun blasts, odd looking deliberators, a C4 like demo pack, and much more. On your way through your ranks, there are six unlockables for each class; four classes in all. Then after you unlock three unlockables, up the same column, you can then unlock a gun! There are two unlockables guns for each class but you must unlock all six unlockables to get both guns. Currently I’m working my way up both Support and Assault; the other two classes are Recon and Engineer. So lets see, so far we’ve got, twenty-four unlockables, eight unlockables guns, and plus another eight unlockables, four of which are for you personally and another four for squad leaders. You and about another one million people are going to be very busy with this game.

The game plays just as BF2 did, except the weapons are somewhat futuristic and more accurate, if you can call it that. I say that because the future doesn’t seem too different from the current. Conquest mode still stays pretty much the dominant game type while Titian mode brings some new core values to the game sometimes it gets boring because your team just isn’t that good. The new APCs are useful for Titian mode because on the shields are down you just park them near the enemy titian, right click, and your rocketing through air to maneuver your pod onto the deck that way you can infiltrate the enemies Titian and destroy the core. The whole game really is just like a BattleField 2 mod, or BF2’s Vietnam. So game play wise, not much has changed, and the vehicles feel more futuristic than the weapons and there is a new mode; Titian mode.

Graphics, well, there is a new lighting engine which it either incorporates Bloom or HD, not sure which one it is. Besides the new lighting, it’s the same engine, except the future looks bleak compared to current day wars portrayed in BF2. The color palette doesn’t change much with each map and when it does, you won’t notice. The palpable feel of “OMG THIS is F***ING awesome” isn’t there as much as it was with BF2 and it will feel like a mod. I can say though, that the sound in the game is very stylish especially the score for the game. It’s futuristic yet seems to have undertones of Beethoven in the score, it actually makes loading bearable. Loading does seem shorter though, well, after you get past that initial first load of any map then it speeds right through, as long as you don’t change any settings. Battlefield 2142 brings some new game play with it along with a better customization of your soldiers. Something’s feel futuristic, other things not so much. The feeling that it’s a mod just never really gets beyond your brain and sometimes you feel bored of playing the old same game….wait it’s a different game. With some graphical glitches, and glitches that have plagued the series for a while now it sometimes destroys the intense fun your looking for in a war. Although, with a new lighting system, some really nice music, the introduction of Titian mode, this game still lands on what the series is all about; awesome online play. In-Game ads are in the game, not mentioned much, well, because they don’t bother me. If this is how World War 3 will be fought, though I would suggest you pick it up if your love the Battlefield series or are looking for a good online game. Actually, yeah, pick this one up because if this is how World War 3 will be fought then World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

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