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I started a Google+ Battlefield (PC) community. This feature in Google+ became available today (I think, if not, its fairly recent).

I am probably going to get a ton of hate for promoting this, but honestly, I am not going to get anything out of this except for the fact that like minded gamers just get to share screenshots, talk about old battlefield games and what not. So if you are interested, go ahead and join. I know the forum is here as well, and most of you would feel that is enough, but I figured, the technology is there, so why not give it a shot.

There is absolutely nothing on there right now, but as people join, the content will grow as well. I am going to post this in 3 other boards I frequent, so if you happen to see the exact post there, know that I am not spamming.


Here is the link:

[Mod edit: Given that there appear to be several Battlefield communities on Google+ already, and after almost two days, there's still just the one member in this group, I'm going to lock this down. No need to keep this open at this point. -PsEG]

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Why not join an existing Battlefield 3 community? There are probably tons of them.

And yeah using the forums to advertise your own content isn't a great idea. This kind of stuff can't be allowed, or it might very well flood the forums with publicity that doesn't really incite discussion.

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