Each game in the series for $10 on Origin, today (9/20) only.

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#1 Edited by GearDraxon (148 posts) -

For Battlefield's 10th anniversary, EA is selling each game in the series for $10, until midnight tonight. Looks like download only... but I'm grabbing BF3 in case I ever get around to building a gaming PC.


Note that at the moment, it appears as though the original pricing is shown at checkout, not the promotional price. I've tweeted @Battlefield to let them know.

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#2 Posted by Venatio (4724 posts) -

I wonder if my laptop has any chance of running BF3, just bought it, its a pretty good gaming computer

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#3 Posted by PhilipDuck (648 posts) -

Great deal, i've bought BF3 as i only played it 360 which was pretty terrible. So be nice to play on PC.

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#4 Posted by emem (2059 posts) -

There's BF3 on that list in the US?

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#5 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (5710 posts) -

Cool deals. The only thing I would get would be BF 3 but I already got that for free when I preordered ME 3.

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The deal is not currently working.

At the moment you will be charged full price. The Live Chat people said to wait a few hours and they should fix that. Or you can order it now at full price and they'll refund you the extra cost (which I don't think would be a good idea considering how much hassle that might be if it even works).

Also, how's BF3 multiplayer these days? I played a bunch of BFBC2 and really liked it, but never any of the older BF games (I was too busy playing Counter-Strike).

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#7 Posted by BirthWild (300 posts) -

@Outrager: Ah! Yeah I had it in my shopping cart as full price and was concerned so I thought I'd do it later, glad I saw this... I don't like dealing with any customer service even if its good :/

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#8 Posted by GearDraxon (148 posts) -

At least on my end, the deal appears to be working now.

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Fuck, I just bought the damn third game for $20 and though I was getting a good deal. Ah, well.

EDIT: Does anyone still play Bad Company 2 on PC anymore?

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#10 Posted by RE_Player1 (8010 posts) -

Do people still play 2142?

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#11 Posted by Outrager (239 posts) -

How is BF3 if I don't buy any of the expansions? Or are they sort of required cause no one plays just the original?

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#12 Posted by RenMcKormack (1087 posts) -

@msavo said:

Do people still play 2142?

Do you guys want to play 2142? I DO.

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