Please Help! Love the game, but I'm aweful at it (BF3 XBOX360)

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Unfortunately I have had to spend a lot of time mending after a series of surgeries, so I am home alone quite a bit. I don't have many games (medical bills are not cheap ha!) but my cousin bought me Battlefield 3 as well as the premium subscription. I have been playing off and on for a couple of weeks now but I am just no good. I have only leveled up twice and my kill to death ratio is like 1 to 15. I am sorry to all of my fellow players forced to be on my team. I have purchased two iphone apps and tried to research multiplayer techniques, but nothing is helping. Two questions, ONE: does anyone have any suggestions or places to go to improve my game, and TWO: should I feel bad for my poor performance and should that keep me from playing this game I love although I know I'm not helping my team? Thanks P.S. I have been playing the Dust and elysian tale demo 6 times now, if you haven't tried it, it's great. I hope to get that for my birthday this year!!!

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