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The Battlefield Veteran system is a system implemented by DICE and Electronic Arts as a way of rewarding players who have played earlier games in the Battlefield series. Achieving different Battlefield Veteran levels will earn some exclusive content in more recent Battlefield games, and this has been the case with Bad Company, Battlefield: 1943, and Bad Company 2.

To join the Veterans, you must have an EA account with your online profile linked to it. After achieving this, you can register different Battlefield games. To register Bad Company, Bad Company 2, and 1943 you will need to input the username of the linked account at the website in order to verify your claims. For earlier, PC only, Battlefield games you will need to input your CD-Key to verify your ownership of the game. However, if your CD-Key is used already - for example, by someone who has used an illegal Key Generator, you can get in contact with EA and have the game manually added to your account.

Veteran Content

Battlefield: Bad Company: FN F2000
BF1943: None (displays your Veteran level, but does not have an unlock associated with it)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2: WWII M1 Garand

Your Veteran level will always be the sum of your Battlefield games that have been registered, minus one. This is due to the fact that you need two Battlefield games to reach Veteran Level 1. Content in Bad Company and Bad Company 2 is unlocked through Veteran Level 2 or higher. Expansions for Battlefield games do not count, but they can be added to your profile to show all your Battlefield games. The demos / betas for Battlefield games are not included in the Veteran count either. In Battlefield 1943, there is no unlock for your Veteran status.

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