Is Bayonetta a shooter?

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I was browsing my achievements on the site and noticed that it said my favorite genre was "Shooter".  This struck me as odd because the only shooters I've played in my 20+ game library are Mass Effect 1, which I've played once in the past 5 months, and Mass Effect 2, which I haven't played since mid-February. 
I traced down the problem to Bayonetta, which I've played almost everyday, being labeled as a shooter.  To me, this doesn't fit what the game is at all.  Yes you use guns but nothing about the gameplay, outside of a bonus game, feels like a shooter imo.  To me it would be like saying something like, "In Lost Odyssey (which is a super traditional JRPG btw) the character Sed uses a gun, therefore it's a shooter." 
So my question, do you consider Bayonetta to be a shooter?

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It's not a shooter. I've edited the page; now, it's just labeled as "action".

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I haven't even played it, and I know its definitely not a shooter

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This game would be much more appropriately described as a beat 'em up rather than a shooter.

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It has shmup sections.

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