Is the PS3 demo performance as good as the game?

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Yes I said good. Now I have no doubt that the 360 version is far superior, however not having played it I don't have any comparision material.
While playing the demo I did see some screen tearing and some performance drop but never as such that it was in the way of enjoying the game.
So I'm wondering if there are situations in the game itself where the problems seriously decrease the enjoyment. This is mostly for the people who have only played the ps3 version.
That said there is of course something about giving money for a lazy port.

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Honestly, I haven't had anything as bad happen as people have been describing. The frame rate isn't particularly great in the very first, pre-credits scene, but it wasn't game affecting and I haven't noticed any screen tearing. The textures are a bit naff, though. Compared head to head with the xbox version (in pictures easily available on the net), it looks a little flat in certain areas. But playing it with no direct line of comparison, you probably won't notice. The character models are still great in-game, and it plays nicely. The one big gripe is loading, which takes lengthy periods between areas and loading save files, and when you pause (there is a slight load sometimes when an item is picked up, but I haven't experienced this a lot and its been few and far between) which is pretty poor on their half. Taken as is though, I've enjoyed it and haven't had too many gripes.
I don't really understand the lower grading of the PS3 version of this, while the noticable screen tearing on the 36o version of Darksiders is given a slide.
Hope this helps.

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Yeah thanks, it does. I have had the feeling that some are more sensitive to it. Now I've tried the demo I find that playing Bayonetta on PS3 is not a complete waste, for those who don't have a 360.

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I've played the PS3 version to completion, before getting the 360 version.  If all you have is a PS3, get the game if it interests you.  Having not played the 360 version, the only flaw that will really stand out to you is the loading time on absolutely EVERYTHING.  It's not quite PS3 Orange Box bad, but it's pretty close.  The demo for the PS3 version does not have these loading issues, as it runs directly off the HDD.  This game really could have benefited from an install, yet it does not have one on PS3. (it does on 360, as all games now do, but it doesn't even need it there)

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Yeah, I'm running it on my 360 without installing it and it loads faster than most games that have an install.  The load times can be annoying if you're chain reloading trying to perfect a fight but for normal play you get so much time in a level per load time I really barely noticed it on my first play through.

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yeah it's the loading that is crappy part of the deal. 
it loads in the middle of cutscenes, when you pick items, when more than an average number of enemies appear, it loads practically every 5 minutes.

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