Bejeweled 3 boxed copy problem, need some opinions.

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So I went to Best Buy today to get a new mouse and saw a Bejeweled 3 box so I got it because I like Jeff Green. I usually download all my games but what the hell I haven't bought a boxed PC game in awhile. I got home and put it in my iMac, yes I know I'm a Mac user boo, and it looks like my disk drive is broken. Since I'm well past warranty, this thing is 4 years old, a repair would cost me hundreds of dollars. I was wondering if PopCap could give me a download code if I give them the UPC code, receipt etc and explain my situation. I already sent my problem to them but I was wondering, with your experiences with online customer service, if you think they will allow me to download it.

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Sorry for the shameless bump but perhaps people will see this thread more now that TNT is over.

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