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Bitto is a Tetris Battle Gaiden character and is comprised of a team off 5 pajama clad infants. Their name is the Japanese pronunciation of "Bit" as in "Binary Digit".

Their Crystal Powers are:

Level 1: スターダスト Sutādasuto (Stardust)

Stardust randomly clears away pieces of tetramino in the top two rows.

Level 2: フィーバ Fība (Fever)

Whatever tetramino is active in your field will be repeated until one player stacks four of them. Once over, the next two tetraminos in the pool will still be the repeated piece.

Level 3: ギャンダ Gyanda (Gang)

Bandits steal the opponent's field orbs leaving holes in their stead and may give some of the stolen orbs to you.

Level 4: マンボ Manbo (Mambo)

Randomly shuffles opponent's stack.


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