New Blade Runner game canned due to costs

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#1 Edited by poser (721 posts) -

Ahh fucking eh.... probably for the best, after all it's gearbox... but still...


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#2 Posted by Pinkshley1 (460 posts) -

Yea... its best to leave masterpieces like Blade Runner alone.

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Seeing it's gearbox they probably wanted to make it a Cel-Shade or some other dumb shit like that. No offense to gearbox but I would rather see someone else making a Blade Runner game and I am glad to see they canned it because frankly I don't really want to see a FPS Blade Runner game. in the past I have been a great supporter of a new Blade Runner game but lately I have come around and I think it's needs to be left alone. 

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