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Blast Away the plot...

Ok first off forget about the plot.... I mean rescuing a frog... even as a kid I didn't like the plot (Their is a schoolastics book that I read as a kid which had a better storyling then the one included with this game, trust me read the book instead),
having said that this is not an RPG where the storyline is the main subject.  This is an Action/adventure game and Its worth the play thru. 
The first two things that stand out about this game are, the Vehicle (SOPHIA THE 3RD=ST3)  and the Music in this Game.  There are multiple levels with-in the game world, each with its own biosphere (Fire stage, water stage, Ice ETC.) and level design for each one is excellent.  The ST3, is the main transportion for the Jason (the hero) and goes thru each level (2-D) side to side, up and down (jumping) , Attached to walls, Cellings and like a fast Submarine in the water, and hovering in the air, so yeah this is a special Vehicle that morphes with upgrades (very cool).  Then their are 3 optional attack weapons (that can be repeatedly refilled after being used up) Lightning bolts, 3 way missles, and my My favorite Homming Missles :-) 
Jason can jump out of the ST3 and walk outside (again 2-D) and scroll left and right, but this is not really usefull as he will be easyly killed off.  The only way he is useful in the game is when he is entering a Base which is overhead view(aka Zelda Dungeon) to fight the boss and get an upgrade to the vehicle.  The Boss fights are ok, nothing special.  Oh and their is back tracking in the game to reach new levles. 
Graphics stand out still (2009) for an 8 bit 2D game releasd in 1988.  The Music is so great in this game, that you will have to simply raise the volume on your TV (or sound system) to enjoy it more :-).  Yes the Music is only Midi, but trust me in the 80s this was awesome and its still nice to hear. 
Gameplay is sharp, and perfect. :-) 
This Game has a direct Sequel, Blaster Master 2:Blasting again, which was released on the Sega Genesis... Not as good, and there was also a Playstation 2nd sequel game as well. 
One sad thing about this great game is, that it was never released on the Nintendo Virtual Console
Similar games are Castlevania SOTN, Metroid. 
Truly a classic.        

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