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SPEED Review: WTF!

Now then, this is going to be a speed review, i'll mention some good points and some bad points and then draw a conclusion.
The good-shit:
-Has an awesome attitude 
-Great visuals
-Lots o' Loot
-A great shooter, at it's core
The bad-shit:
-Repetitive (includes voice over work, enemies, etc...)
-Horrible ending
All in all I will say this, it wasn't great but it wasn't bad. It wasn't fun but it wasn't boring. The point is that Gearbox could have had a great new IP with this game and they blew it by ignoring the story, completely. A lot of us complain about games that can't balance story with game play. This game is all game play, repetitive game play. In a way it's a good thing it came out when it did, when you you consider the only good games to come out this holiday season are: Left 4 Dead 2, Call of 
Duty: Modern Warfare, and Assassin's Creed this may not be a bad one to put on your list, as in, ask for it, don't buy it. It's fun but in the end its a big disappointment.

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