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Bounty Arms was developed by Data West for the original Playstation and was going to be released in April of 1995. Unfortunately, the game was canceled but a demo of the beta build of Bounty Arms was discovered by Kid Fenris from the Lost Levels forum. The demo was found on the fifth volume of Demo Demo Playstation, a line of discs used in Japanese store kiosks from 1994 through 1997. The demo features half of the game's first level but does not allow either character to take damage. A promotional video along with many magazine scans of Bounty Arms have also been uploaded to the internet, which can be found at Unseen 64 and Kid Fenris' blog.


Bounty Arms is an overhead action game with a perspective similar to Ikari Warriors and Mercs. Players control Rei and Chris, two women who wield mechanical arms called Relic Arms. A Relic Arm is basically a giant whip that can be used to attack enemies, deflect bullets, reach across gaps, and create a large fire ring when the player holds down the attack button. Bounty Arms was also going to have a co-op mode that was never finished.

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