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    Brain Challenge

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jan 08, 2008

    Brain Challenge is a mental exercise game developed by GameLoft.

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    Brain Challenge is an mental exercise game. The game was developed for mobile phones, iPods, the Nintendo DS, Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation 3, the N-Gage, and WiiWare. The Wii version of the game uses the player's custom Miis as characters.


    Game modes

    The game features two modes:

    • Test: the difficulty level automatically adjusts throughout the game based on performance.
    • Free Training (Training Room on the XBLA version): Allows the player to select exercises of their choice at three available levels (Easy, Medium, Hard).

    The XBLA, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS versions also feature additional modes:

    • Creative (available on PS3 with an add-on pack): A relaxing mode in which the player can doodle drawings or shoot fireworks.
    • Stress: A more stressful test mode than the basic Test mode, which adds distracting noises and visuals, such as forcing the player to do two disparate actions at once, or dealing with distracting images or insects on the screen.*Also on the Playstation 3.*
    • Kid mode (available on PS3 with an add-on pack): A multiplayer mode that allows younger players to play.
    • Personal coach: A user-selected AI coach that accompanies the player through various modes.
    • Brain charts: Detailed stats and graphs tracking past gameplay.

    The Nintendo DS version supports up to three player multiplayer, while the Xbox Live Arcade version supports four-player multiplayer via Xbox Live and leaderboards. Mobile phone versions also feature leaderboards.

    Critical Reception

    While the mobile phone and iPod versions of the game were well-recived, the Nintendo DS version recieved a lukewarm recpetion, and the Xbox Live Arcade version was panned.


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