Act 1 - Which character's storyline did you like best?

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Posted by BeachThunder (15137 posts) 5 years, 3 months ago

Poll: Act 1 - Which character's storyline did you like best? (81 votes)

Vella 68%
Shay 32%
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#1 Posted by ThunderSlash (2605 posts) -

Vella's. Shay's story seemed way shorter than Vella's.

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#2 Posted by BeachThunder (15137 posts) -

Vella's. Shay's story seemed way shorter than Vella's.

Yeah, that was weird; her story seemed an extra segment longer...

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#3 Edited by Demoskinos (17457 posts) -

I think Vella. The concept of the story is way more interesting.

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#4 Posted by chaser324 (8650 posts) -

While there are certainly things to like about Shay's side of the story, I got way more into Vella's plotline. To a large degree, I think it's the fact that Vella was written as a strong character taking action to change things, whereas Shay seems more passive and is mostly just getting dragged around by a certain other character.

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#5 Edited by StarvingGamer (11518 posts) -

Taken in a vacuum Vella is a much more appealing character, but they work better as a pair. I switched between Vella and Shay multiple times, whenever I felt there was a strong story break. I understand why they wanted to give players the option, but I almost feel like the game would have been better served with a designated sequence of events alternating between the two characters.

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#6 Posted by ChaosDent (237 posts) -

@chaser324: Yeah, I got the impression that Vella was actually rebelling and Shay was just following the script. He may actually be exceptional, considering how incurious everyone in Vella's world is, he just never had anyone to foil that for him.

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#7 Posted by BisonHero (11575 posts) -

I think I like certain gags in Shay's more, but overall Vella was a really interesting character. But man, I hope all of you guys didn't pick up Shay's spoon for as long as possible.

On the other hand, all of Curtis and Harm'ny Lightbeard's lines were solid gold, so maybe Vella is just the best. Shay's story is totally fine, though, it's just that there's kinda not as many characters, with really only Mom/Computer, Marek, and the Yarnbot.

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#8 Posted by olizor (26 posts) -

I prefered Vella's story simply for the bigger variety of environment. Shay's is pretty much about the ship and it ends pretty abruptly. When Vella's go from the town, to the clouds, the lumberjack's, sea town with a bonus end boss.

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#9 Edited by dannyglover (188 posts) -

Vella definitely had better characters to interact with as well as more puzzles. But what made me enjoy the end of Broken Age Part 1 was when Shay comes out of the Mog Chothra. I had a feeling that Shay was inside the Mog Chothra, but I hadn't put together that the tasks Shay was performing was actually the Mog Chothra in Vella's story. Once I learned that, I definitely appreciated Shay's story a lot more.

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#10 Posted by golguin (5469 posts) -

Easily Vella's story even though I knew more about her story thanks to the Backer related info.

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#11 Posted by turboman (9875 posts) -

Vella had more environments and characters, but I think Shay's story was more focused and Marek is a hell of an interesting character.

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#12 Posted by Wargarbler (67 posts) -

I liked Vella's a lot more, Vella's story was more, I'm trying to solve some situation I'm in, get the right items, talk to the right people. While Shay's I was being told what to do and it all seemed a bit fishy to me.

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#13 Edited by MEATBALL (4233 posts) -

I liked Vella's story and Vella herself more than Shay, but really liked both characters and their predicaments. The design of everything in the ship and its cohesion was super super impressive, too. Can't wait for more of both.

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#14 Posted by Cerberus3Dog (1025 posts) -

I loved how sinister the beginning of Vella's story started out. I thought Vella's side more clever where as I thought Shay's was funnier.

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#15 Edited by TheMasterDS (2978 posts) -

I think Vella's place in the story was more interesting and I liked how she dealt with it way more. Shay just sort of went along with the clearly evil wolf. Didn't feel right. Plus Vella's locations were real neat.

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#16 Posted by jacksukeru (6775 posts) -

I had played through most of Vella's story before going into Shay's, up until you meet the spaceman. I then switched to Shay and played until the second time you "saved" the aliens, which was of course suspicious on its own, when it suddenly hit me what was going on and that the "savings" corresponded to the taking of the maidens. I immediately switched back to Vella and finished that before finishing Shay's story (part 1 of them anyway).

Overall I liked Vella's story more because I liked the locations and characters more, but Shay's story was no slouch with some fun items and Marek being a real highlight. I'm really excited for part 2!

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#17 Edited by LackingSaint (2185 posts) -

I preferred Shay's story, mostly on the merits that I think the Vella VA was kind of weak and her world was less cohesive. Playing as Shay I was constantly questioning the nature of this weird, isolated, coddling spaceship, while as Vella I was mostly just thinking "Oh, i'm in a fantasy land, okay".

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