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    A squid-faced enemy that charges you like a bull. Seen in Half-Life and planned but cut from Half-Life 2.

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    This creature is native to the border world  Xen and warps to Black Mesa through portals after the Resonance Cascade, along with other monsters like Headcrabs and Houndeyes. They are bipedal despite their elongated body though their powerful leg muscles make up for this and their sharp pronged talons make for speedy mobility. They use their squid-like tentacles to capture prey and their razor sharp teeth to tear at flesh. They also spit out an acidic mucous that harms biological tissue. 

    Extra Knowledge

     Eli Vance was attacked by a Bullsquid sometime between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 and his left leg was bitten off or severely injured to the point that it had to be amputated, explaining Eli's artificial left limb.

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