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    A Mexican dish, commonly served with rice and beans.

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    Burrito, meaning "Little Donkey" in Spanish, is a traditional food found in Mexico, and is popular around the world. Traditional Mexican tacos tend to be small in size with only a few fillings, while burritos found around the world, mostly the United States, tend to be quite large in size. Burritos from chains such as Qdoba and Chipotle can be almost as large as your head.

    The burrito basics include a flour tortilla wrapped around a variety of rice, a variety of beans, a variety of meat and some sort of sauce. Anything from chicken to beef to pork is used for meat, and sauces can include traditional salsa, spicy corn salsa and guacamole. Sometimes sopping wet beans can act as the "sauce". Qdoba has experimented with pesto sauce in burritos, as well.

    Burritos make for a common breakfast dish, though the fillings are changed to accommodate the traditional breakfast palate: eggs, breakfast sausage and salsa are the main ingredients in a breakfast burrito.


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