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Call of  duty 4 is my favorite online mutiplayer game .First the single player campaign it is really good infact its great but  a little short camparing to other games ,you play as different soldiers throughout the campaign.You have to fight against terrorist .The campaign take place in the middle east ,a ship and Europe,you are never doing the same thing for too long sometimes you'll be in the helicopter sometimes in a plane bombing down at people and my favorite mission of all is when you play as CPT.Price and go back it time and you snipe one of the main villains and you have to be really stealthy and you'll be in a ghillie suit and will have to crawl .18 player online competitive multiplayer is the best i've ever seen .First the down side .There are no vehicles ...which really does not matter to me.Now the good side, there are no classes you make your own  you unlock new weapons and perks ...you get three of them this enhances you players abilities in a certain skill ,like steriods but...they dont shrink your guy's balls.You can customize your weapon like scopes ,silencer or a grenade launcher.Weapons are good about 5 pistols,about 4 smg's ,about 3 lmg's about 5 assualt rifles and 5 sniper rifles which you can customize.THANKS FOR READING THIS REVIEW AND I KNOW IT'S A LITTLE LATE BUT VERY DESCRIPTIVE .I'LL GIVE IT A 9.8/10

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