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    Calypso Casino

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    A fictitious casino featured in both Rainbow Six Vegas and its sequel.

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    The Calypso Casino was built just a year before the events of Rainbow Six Vegas and is considered the casino of choice for gamblers in the city. The casino was built and furnished for an estimated four billion dollars. The casino is a setting in both the campaign and as one of the multiplayer maps. Do to its extreme popularity, the Calypso Casino was later added as a map in R6V2 in a slightly altered form.

    Multiplayer Map

    Although heavily revised from its original form, Calypso Casino is used as a multiplayer map in both Rainbow Six Vegas and later added to the sequel.

    Geometric Design

    The map is fundamentally rudimentary in its design. It's a three story building with almost perfect parallel squares stacked one on top of the other. The top floor is an open roof, the second floor is the casino floor, and the bottom floor is the vault. There is no way to reach the vault floor without going through the casino floor. This made the map especially popular for the Attack and Defend game mode, as many of the entrances to the vault made for natural chokepoints where the action would be especially intense.


    The rooftops are the most simplistic and open of all three floors. The Alpha team spawns on the rooftop in Team Deathmatch and the Attackers can spawn at either end of the roof in Attack and Defend mode. There are six ways to enter the vault floor from the rooftop.

    The skylight will drop the player straight into the middle of the casino floor. Though the fastest way to enter the casino, it also makes for a dangerous proposition as the player is often open to immediate enemy fire with no cover. Two adjacent elevators will also bring the Attackers to the floor fairly quickly and cuts off several seconds of time when entering the vault. This entrance also has its drawbacks as the elevators are an easy spot to defend. Often times the newer or less experienced players will be put on the elevator entrance because they require the least amount of skill to successfully defend.

    Though taking more time, there are two rappel windows on the northern end of the map. Both rappels will enter the same slot room, which is cut off from the main floor. There are also two separate staircases, called the "center stairs" (and less so the "snack room" or "crack house" depending on which mode or platform you are playing on) and the "car wash" by the community. Both of these staircases take more time than the above methods, but the Attackers will have more opportunity to pick enemies off on their way to the vault.

    On the southern end of the rooftops is a set of stairs that lead to a helipad. This is where the Attackers take the briefcase after they have lifted it from the vault.

    Casino Floor

    From the rooftop skylight, players are dropped immediately onto the casino floor. In the middle of the floor lies a 2007 Dodge Charger, seemingly as a casino promotion of some kind. The northern end contains a slot room, which is sectioned off from the main casino floor. This area is where the rappel windows lead to. The western end has a cash cage and then beyond that is a set of stairs that lead to the vault. The eastern end of the main floor has a keno room and to the right of that is the elevator entrance that leads to the front entrance of the vault. The southern end of the main floor is a small room that is sometimes called the snack room because it holds a vending machine. This room leads to one the center stairs, one of the two staircases that come from the rooftops. The other set off stairs is also on the southern end of the map, leading to a hallway that turns into the main floor.

    The Vault

    There are only two entrances into the vault. The first being past the western cash cage. This is the back entrance into the vault, and it leads directly to a security room. There is another security room beyond this point. To the left is the back entrance of the vault, while going straight will lead to the office area. The straight entrance towards the vault will lead to the Alpha spawn point in Attack and Defend. The Bravo spawn point is in the keno room on the main casino floor. In Team Deathmatch, there is only one spawn, which is inside the vault.

    The front of the vault is only accessed by going through the elevator hallway. Past this entrance will lead to a set of escalators which brings the player to the front of the vault. To the right is a set of bathrooms and across from that is a room simply called the "VIP room" by the Vegas community. To the left is the back entrances to the offices and straight ahead is the vault door. On every game mode the vault door is already cracked and opened to the left side of the door.

    Inside the vault are shelves of money and casino chips. The main prize, however, is the briefcase that awaits the Attackers in Attack and Defend mode. It's surrounded by a layer of thin glass that is easily broken by walking through it. There is another door in the vault on the southern end, which leads to the offices.


    • Depending on who you ask, the middle room is referred to as a multitude of different things. On the 360, it's called the snack room because it has a two vending machine in it. The vending machines were removed in the PS3 version and it is simply referred to as the "crack house".
    • There are 48 (16 on the main floor, 32 in the slot room) slot machines. All of them are breakable.
    • There are 4 ATM machines leading to the casino.
    • There are 11 tables for table games.
    • The keno room is blocked off during team the Terrorist Hunt side missions and other game modes. In Attack and Defend, it is the Bravo spawn point for the defenders.
    • There are 18 security TVs and 12 security monitors.
    • The helicopter is always running.
    • In Terrorist Hunt mode, there are 25 enemies on low density, 35 on medium, and 50 on high.

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